Experienced Counsellors Network

Experienced counsellors working together to give their clients an excellent service.

Meet the counsellors

Who are we?

We are counsellors and therapists based in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

We all have many years of experience to back up our wide range of skills.

Most members trained originally with Relate so we are particularly strong in relationship counselling and sex therapy.

We each have our own counselling practice with our own premises, where you will be seen with complete confidentiality.

Details of each counsellor in the group and a tool to aid you in selecting who might be most suitable to help you can be found on the counsellors page

Why choose Experienced Counsellors Network?

The network members together offer a wide range of skills and experience ranging from general counselling through couple counselling, sex therapy, and eating disorders to sex addiction, so from this one website you will find a member of the network that can help you.

How do we work together to help clients?

We meet monthly. Each member can draw on the specialist skills and knowledge of the whole group to help them with aspects of their work.

As the client, you benefit from the combined skills of the group whilst working in strict confidence with your chosen counsellor or therapist.